“Lost” Opportunities


Following up with yesterday’s mobile post, it seems that Palm is experiencing some stutters with meeting the high demand for its Pre.  That doesn’t bode well as Apple is not letting up with marketing the iPhone, which (in a pre-emptive move?) slashed prices this month.

A Pall Over Palm (BusinessWeek)

My question is whether Apple’s pricing strategy will have any effect over here in Thailand.  Of course the $99 iPhone is contigent on signing up for a contract with Sprint.  Unlocked phones are expected to cost more, but will we have some relief over here? (24,500 Baht or US$715 for the 8GB, 28,500 Baht or US$832 for the 16GB).

Of course, this is the same country where despite living expenses of only about half of the USA, we blithely purchase automobiles for twice the price, i.e. Toyota Camry here is 1.7 million Baht (~US$50,000), as compared to MSRP $19145 – $28695 Stateside.

As yesterday’s post involved a Will Ferrell quote, we seamlessly look at his new movie Land of the Lost, which got creamed at the latest US weekend box office by frat-pack comedy The Hangover and Pixar’s Up.  This is interesting because Ferrell actually blew up after doing Old School, followed by other so-called Frat Pack comedies like Anchorman and Talledega Nights.  According to those in the know, like LA Times columnist Patrick Goldstein, Land of the Lost suffers from not clearly defining its target audience.  Is it for children?  Fans of palaeontology humor? Stoners?  While I enjoyed seeing the clip of Ferrell dousing himself in dino-pee, I don’t know if I would pay $12 (or however much your crap American cinemas charge these days) to see a whole movie of that.  The most damning assessment of Ferrell comes at the end of Goldstein’s column…

The verdict in Hollywood: Ferrell hasn’t done a good job of managing his brand. Sandler is the master of dumb hijinks. Eddie Murphy has become a cuddly family star. But who is Will Ferrell? No one knows anymore. He’s in danger of becoming the comedy equivalent of George Clooney, someone who enjoys a great deal of goodwill but who isn’t actually a real movie star.

Ouch.  I mean, I liked Stranger than Fiction.  But maybe he has a point.  You know what might be funny?  A buddy comedy starring Ferrell and Clooney maybe called “One Note Wonder” where they strive to break free of their respective pigeonholes.

Clooney:  You want to stick me in the same narrow category as Gregory Peck or Rock Hudson, fine.  But just remember that all the bullshit doesn’t define who I am, as an actor, as a human being, and what I’m capable of.  Just consider what’s going on in, uh, Darfur.

Ferrell:  That’s…awesome.  I know, man!  I’m feeling it.  Right here.  Deep down.  In my gut.  Oh wait, that might be the chimichanga I had earlier.  Do you have any Tums?  I need my calcium too.

Clooney tries to give a smoldering look of annoyance, but can’t suppress a self-possessed grin.

Ferrell:  Don’t look at me like that.  Oh, I will kiss you.  On the mouth.  With tongue.  You think I won’t?

They start wrestling.  Playfully at first, then more violent.  Clooney ends up on top, Ferrell screaming something high-pitched, a threat involving a purple nurple.  They lock eyes, breathing heavily.  A deep passionate kiss ensues.

Tell me you wouldn’t watch that movie, and that it wouldn’t do better than Aquaman on its opening weekend.


1 Response to ““Lost” Opportunities”

  1. 1 Jate
    June 10, 2009 at 12:54 am

    A friend of mine at work just got a Pre, so I was able to check it out. It is a very slick and stylish phone. It has glowing buttons. Its touchscreen has functions somewhat like an iPhone. I found the keys on the keyboard too small for fast typing.

    It’s too bad that the rest of the world doesn’t get a subsidy for signing a contract with a wireless carrier. I’m paying $1920 in service over 2 years + $299 for my phone. I’m sure the subsidy makes the actual cost of the phone close to your $800. How much is service in Thailand?

    This is punishment for you Clooney-Ferrell scenario: http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/924893/

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