Remembering Michael Jackson, The King of Pop

Watching the Michael Jackson memorial on CNN now.  I am curious to see tomorrow estimates of how many people around the world tuned in.

Based on updated Facebook statuses, it appears quite a few from Thailand are following along, despite the local time of 1:30 am.  As coincidence would have it, Thailand is observing Asanha Bucha Day, which means that all the bars are closed, and people are home, perhaps looking for something to watch in their enforced sobriety, and inadvertenty joining in the collective mourning.

Amazing to learn that 1.6 million people signed up online for only 17,500 tickets available.  Tickets inevitably started showing up on eBay and Craigslist.  Even the rejection emails are reportedly going for $2.99.

Did you know that in the days after his demise, 41 of the top 100 songs on iTunes were Michael Jackon related?  (Thanks to Nicho for the heads up on that fascinating fact.) Seriously, Michael Jackson’s estate will be printing money for years, and will likely be debt free by the end of the year.  With all the vultures, hopefully the kids will see some of that.

Superlatives and platitudes that will be showered on him, his transgressions and faults glossed over.  But just thinking about the countless people around the world joined together in rememberance of this man, regardless of race and nationality and religion, and it feels like in his passing, he managed one more gift to the world.

As I watch the memorial, I’m following it on Twitter as well.  I will try to maintain an appropriately somber tone…though I know I will fail miserably.


-We start things off with Mariah Carey, her voice seems a bit off.  Perhaps she has been crying, or she didn’t have the heart to warm up properly.

-Lionel Richie and Stevie Wonder, still showing they got it.

-Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson looking really fidgety.  Does anyone remember that Magic had AIDS?   No matter, KFC must be loving all the free advertising.

-Reverend Al Sharpton, going overboard.  Did you know that Tiger Woods and President Obama owe their success to The Gloved One?  Now he’s glossing over his weirdness, saying it was everyone else that had a problem.  Overall, a fine display of bombastic hyperbole and instant revisionism.

-Hey, it’s John Mayer!  Wordlessly starts playing Human Nature on electric guitar, and showing us why he gets all the girls with his musical O-face.

-Brooke Shields, still looking good.  The ex-Mrs. Andre Agassi giving a tearful, rambling eulogy, her well-shaped eyebrows trembling in grief, as she relates the laughing, boyish humanity of MJ, starting off with the shocking revelation that “Michael Jackson was a unique individual” and finishing strongby quoting from “The Little Prince.”

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee from Texas makes a powerful speech, which Mook said was “really good.”  I was off checking on the babies, so someone else will have to tell me what she said.

-Usher sings.  Mook asks me who he is, I say “Usher.”  She replies, “No, what’s his name?”  High comedy at 2 am.

-Footage from the Ed Sullivan show, Michael, age ten, singing “Who’s Loving You?” and rocking a hot pink fedora.  Mental note to find on YouTube for” T3 and Me” band costume ideas.

-I heard it throught the grapevine that Smokey Robinson has a picture of Dorian Gray in his closet.  That, or he sleeps in a hyperbaric chamber filled with a mixture of noble gases and La Mer.

-Hey, Shaheen Jafargholi from Britain’s Got Talent!  The young YouTube sensation!  Check it out here…it is probably staged and Simon Cowell is complicit, but he has got the chops for real.  You know Michael would have been captivated by this boy.

-We Are The World!  Even the notoriously singing-averse Mook is crooning along.  And that’s our cue.  Time for bed…thanks for following along.




-Great version of Heal the World, and that’s a perfect way to end the most entertaining memorial service since Graham Chapman of Monty Python.


It is refreshingly hard to be cynical right now, seeing everyone’s heartfelt goodbyes to Michael Jackson.   For my part, I remain overwhelmed at how he has touched so many lives and inspired limitless dreams.  His life’s work, writ large, deserves to be immortalized.  My condolences to his family and all those that loved him.

He was one of the greatest entertainers of all time.  I feel lucky to have witnessed part of it, and when Trip, Trey, and Troy reach their Age of Inquisitiveness,I look forward to telling them about the amazing singer, dancer, and artist, Michael Jackson.


Does anyone have a link to the whole memorial service that can be viewed online?  Preferably one that can be accessed overseas as well.  If so, leave in comment below.  Thanks!


1 Response to “Remembering Michael Jackson, The King of Pop”

  1. July 9, 2009 at 3:26 am

    You missed out the most emotional part when his daughter spoke. Wow, she is going to grow up pretty that girl.

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