Links 2 Makes You Thinks-Virgin edition

Juicy Links, courtesy of JOAM

Juicy Links, courtesy of JOAM

Here at Jack of All Media, we work evening and night scouring the web with a fine-toothed louse comb, to unearth gems (often hidden in plain sight) that will make you look and feel smarter than the average bear.  (Fact: the grizzly bear has the emotional intelligence of a 16 year old male human.)

A pre-internet photocopied zine version of JOAM alerted you to one Susan Boyle, who has since gone on the unimaginable riches as runner up to Diversity in Britain’s Got Talent.  When we asked Ms. Boyle, “How has JOAM helped to world discover your talent?” She replied, “Bollocks.  I paid him twenty quid because he said he would get me in Playboy.”   Ah yes, but if it weren’t for me, would you be getting offers like this???

In the tenatively ongoing feature,  Links 2 Makes U Thinks:

  • This just in from jolly ol’ England: Twitter is not Cool for Tweens!  That’s right, straight from the mouth of babes comes the news that the emperor’s ass is showing.  Of course, this report was probably delivered via SMS while watching Match of the Day reruns.  Kidding, it is really quite thorough and impressive for a 15-year old. Read it for yourself here.


  •  A gut-busting column by one of my favorite Jews of all time, Joel Stein who decides to try the Tour de France diet.  This is the man who gleefully let us know last year that yes, Jews actually do control Hollywood.  As a Thai of Chinese descent (Hainan in da houze!!!), I find it inconceivable that an ethnic minority could wield such disproportionate power and influence.


  •   NERD ALERT! A special report on high-tech glass and its applications in the NYT.  What do we learn?  That glass is actually not a liquid.  The Sears Tower is cooler than ever.  And if anyone tut-tuts and mentions the proverb to you about not throwing stones in glass houses, you can say, “Actually nowadays I can.  So fu©k off, w@nker.”


  • Our bathroom break special of the week, a fascinating look at an interesting career.  LearJet Repo man.  JOAM finds it fascinating, and imagines his children one day having this conversation.

T3: What does your daddy do?

RepoSon: He steals jets.  What does yours do?

T3: He is the Jack of All Media.

RepoSon:  Fine, your Dad has a cooler job.  But does he get PAID for it?

T3 respond by combining into a super robot, then pummelling RepoSon into a dollop of Nutella.


  • And finally, on a more personal note, if you are looking for some laughs and shocking insight, head over to The Tambourine Queen, scribed by my friend Michele.  People probably saw this girl with the wicked smile and endless legs on the fashion runway, little did they realize that her lovely skull is full of mad brilliant neurons.  She communicates fluently in four languages: English, Thai, Norwegian, and Badass. Enjoy.

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