Glam, Bam. Thank You Ma’am


A version of Cracker Jacks prizes finally make there way to China

A version of Cracker Jack's prizes finally make there way to China

Well, I guess I have been a bad boy.  Not that I have been out doing anything untoward (unless you count eating a whole can of Sour Cream and Onion Pringles in one sitting, but that’s the exciting life of a retired playboy), but i’ve been far too long without updating my blog.  Apologies, faithful readers…

So the headlines are dominated lately by the right-wing displeasure over Obama’s intended broadcast to students across America.  His blasphemous message?  “Stay and school and be good.”  HOW DARE HE!!!  Doesn’t he know that Presidents have no place in the classroom?  Well, except for the time Ronald Reagan and his Presidential Fitness Challenge  mocked my sedentary lifestyle.

The sad thing is that the Right Wing has forgotten how kids usually respond to such pandering, and if you can’t get them to clean up their rooms  (and stop having unprotected sex) then gently asking them (via talking box) to do their homework (or adopt a socialist ideology) is virtually pointless.  If you are going to attack him, do so because Obama is being a square and a total bummer.  Oh wait, you did?  Nevermind.

Our own Prime Minister is under fire from some elements of the press, for allowing a stateless Burmese boy, Mong Thongdee (no relation, probably, to Todd Thongdee), permission to travel and represent Thailand in an origami airplane competition in Japan.  At first he was given permission, then told he was not allowed to go, because it would set a “dangerous precedent” for kids born in Thailand to illegal immigrants.  How dare he!  So the Thai press, touched by his temerity, devoted column inches and face time to the poor boy, whose dream is to go to Japan with his paper airplane that stays afloat for 12 minutes.  And now, our Prime Minister has buckled to his sad moon eyes and allowed him special permission to go to Japan.  I guess that means when the opposition Puea Thai makes a motion in parliament, their wild card will be their newly appointed party leaders, the Htoo twins.

Htoo Talking to Me?

Htoo Talking to Me?

(On a side note, I’m surprised there is not as much of an uproar about this kid’s talent.  He can fold a paper airplane that can stay in the air for 12 FUCKING MINUTES???  Imagine lil’ Mong, tossing his plane in the air, putting on Desolation Road, handrolling and smoking a couple cigarette, and still having enough time to sit and watch his anti-gravity marvel settle down to earth.  Consider that the Guiness Book of World Records recognizes an engineer Japan for his plane, which stayed aloft a mere 27 seconds, and we either got a kid that is going to come back from Japan with a formula for cold fusion (using a toilet paper roll, a cork screw, and some tin foil), or we are all going to look like rubes.


On a mysteriously (and tenuously) related note, during one of my saturated-fat fuel binges a while back, I felt a craving for junk food for my brain, and came across this lurid story of a British bar hostess murdered in Japan.  I remembered this exact same incident reported in Time.  Now The Daily Mail is known for appealing to the baser elements of British society, with xenophobia often the special du jour.  (I like the football page for their noble stance that all rumors, no matter how unfounded, are fit to print).  If nothing else, an interesting example of the Rashomon effect; two versions of the same story, with the actual truth an unknown quantity.

Tomorrow, I will be off to help host the Prom for Charity at Fallabella, benefitting the Foundation for Mentally Handicapped Children at Pakkred.  I’m still looking for a powder blue tuxedo with ruffles, and if I find one I promise I will post photos.  Do you remember your prom?  Was it as magical an experience as mine?  I skipped the State Academic Team Competition to go to mine, where I got drunk on Boone’s Farm, while my date took off early because she had a soccer tournament the next day.  But this year, I’m going to be slow-dancing Booger-style for sure.  Bring on the Boyz-II-Men!!!

Hopefully it won’t end like this though…


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  1. 1 damien
    September 21, 2009 at 7:45 am

    Great blog! Had fun reading it! Monday, Hong Kong, 61/F Central Plaza, toilet.

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