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The Joys of a Shaved Pussy

Visiting my in-laws last week, I noticed that they had shaved their golden retriever, so now he looked like a Labrador.  It reminds we when ask me all the time why I like to shave my pussycat, Jimmy.

Actually, I started shaving my Jimmy because it used to smell quite pungent, something about the long, curly hairs trapping unpleasant odors. Not that I was complaining; I didn’t mind the smell at all. In fact, I kind of liked it, it was very natural and earthy. But out of courtesy to those around me, I decided to try shaving it.

After the initial shock of how it looked shaved, I started to get used to it. It actually looks bigger fully shaved! Now, I am quite fond of it, and, as you can tell, so is Jimmy.

The key is to be very gentle when shaving it every couple weeks or so, though the occasional small nicks are simply unavoidable. Don’t try to rush or be careless; you don’t want your pussycat bleeding more than once a month.

Trust me, once you’ve felt how smooth a shaved pussycat is to the touch, you’ll never go back, especially because it gets really itchy when the hair starts growing out stubbly.

One of my friends owns a donkey on his farm and told me he likes to shave it too.  But I don’t really see the point of shaving your ass; it just seems like it would take too much time.