Thai Triplets (and Family) Prepare to Invade Disneyland!

Ni Hao, Mickey Mouse!

Growing up in America like I did, you cannot help but be aware from a very young age of Micky Mouse and his friends, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, etc.  Ingrained in the culture, Disney animations are timeless classics, with Pixar joining the team to entertain and amaze later generations of kids young and old.

We are even used to seeing the MVP of the Super Bowl asked what he is going to do to celebrate the pinnacle of achievement in his sport.  Ecstatically, the response is, “I’m going to Disney World!

I grew up in Florida, which is the American Mecca of summer vacations.  Only 2 hours from Orlando and Disney World Resort, The Happiest Place on Earth.  Anytime friends or family came to visit, they stayed at our house and my sister and I took our guests to all the theme parks.  As a Florida Resident, we were entitled to special deals, and it was never boring, as the parks would always have something new to discover In addition to the Magic Kingdom, we also loved the other Disney parks like EPCOT Center, Animal Kingdom, and Typhoon Lagoon, along with Sea World, Universal Studios, and Islands of Adventure.

We look forward to taking our triplet sons (Trip, Trey, and Troy) to my home in Florida someday to experience it all.  Since they are turning 2 years old on 27-February, my wife (Mook) and I decided to take them on a special trip, though not too far a plane ride away.

Hong Kong Disneyland!

Mook and I have always enjoyed going to Hong Kong, for shopping and to go out with friends.  Now it is nice knowing that it can also be a family destination.

After booking plane and hotel tickets, one of the first things we did was check the weather and see what we are in for.  According to Hong Kong Observatory, we are looking at 16-22 degree weather, so Mook packed plenty of clothes that would keep them warm (and stylish, of course), diapers, bottles, and their favorite milk.   She also made sure we had our clothes, toiletries, and various chargers ready to go.  We would be taking two of our three nannies with us to help take care of the boys while traveling, so we had to make sure they had their passports in order.

On a previous trip to Phuket, we debated taking one or two nannies.  We ended up taking two, and we were all so busy that we were thankful we didn’t try to get by with just one.  Sometimes with all the diaper changes, milk bottle preparation, and feedings we do, I feel like we are an F1 or NASCAR pit crew, juggling three rambunctious racing machines.

One thing we definitely prepared for was data roaming charges.  If you are not careful, this could wind up costing you more than your plane ticket!  We both applied for three days of unlimited data from AIS for 950 baht each.

Checking out the interactive website for Hong Kong Disneyland, I noticed some familiar attractions that the boys would love.  While they were still too small for the thrills of Space Mountain, it would

I called ahead to where we were staying, the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, to check on transportation from the airport. The voice on the other end of the Disney Hotline–all Disney employees refer to themselves as castmembers– was extremely nice, answering all my questions cheerfully and ending the call with “Have a magical day!”

So it looks like everything is in order, we have to get up before dawn for our morning flight, but I will be writing about our trip, as well as posting Twitter updates on my account (@jackprinya).  Mook is a designer, so her forte is images, so she will be tweeting pictures from her account (@mookv) and we look forward to sharing our first international journey with Trip, Trey, and Troy with everyone.

If you ask the boys now where they are going, they say “MICKY MOUSE!” Even though they do not fully understand what it means yet.

We can’t wait to show them.


2 Responses to “Thai Triplets (and Family) Prepare to Invade Disneyland!”

  1. February 28, 2011 at 9:12 am

    I like how you describe taking care of the triplets as making an F1 pit stop haha, I hope they enjoyed the trip and Happy Birthday to Trip, Trey and Troy!

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