Key Mao Book Klub Kids

I have to confess, I’ve never been in a book club before.  The closest I came was attending one with my friend in college.  He was a little bit wary because he had not finished the book (his excuse was something about studying for an exam, not the fact that he was playing Super Bomberman in the dorm lounge until 4 am).
The wine and cheese were rubbish, and it was pretty clear that half the book club was in the same predicament as my pal.  The other three people who had read the book were trying to outdo each other with references to previous works, possible allusions and motifs, and other notions that were surely not helping them get laid.
On the Twitter, a discussion between @ktiu @travelhappy @kamonwan @thisismim @warisara @andrewhurd @ches and myself let to the impromptu formation of an online book club, where we will choose one worthy tome of lituracher and discuss it through a series of tweets.  The name of our ragtag (hashtag) association has evolved into Key Mao Book Klub, or #kmbkk.

Warisara is the Queen Bee of this gang, I am only offering my quiet little page as an evanescent parlor (stocked with virtual wine and intangible cheese) to discuss our first choice of books and if there are any rules or guidelines.  The only thing we know at this point is that drinking while reading is allowed (and encouraged), while drinking while reading while driving is frowned upon.

Nominations and voting will be done via this Google document: http://ow.ly/47McZ

*Nomination open til Sat, March 5

*Each person can nominate up to 3 books and vote for 2

I’ll start with the first salvo:

When do we start?  If members are required to run to their nearest bookstore or fire up the Kindle, how much time do we give them to start discussions? Should we agree on a timeline?

Will we pick a certain day or time to begin hashing our discussions?

The comment section is at your disposal, dear KMBKK folks.


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